In some hours, Spiritual Migration, our forth album will be released. It has been almost 3 years of HARD work and now it’s yours. It’s time for you to decide if it’s a good job or not. We feel that it is, but we like to hear your opinions. So don’t hesitate sending us messages!

Thank you for being there and for your feedback and support!!

Keep tuned!

Spiritual Migration

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  1. Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!!
    I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for this!
    I still remember the day I heard you all on 2010 with Shin-Ken and I couldn’t believe that amazing combination of perfect growls and riffs along with beautiful pieces of acoustic melody and those interludes with the Books of different elements. And with that I heard your other albums, which as well left me speechless, especially Core!

    I can barely wait to hear you you guys have in store for this one, I really appreciate your music, it has done so much for me in these past years! I am basically drooling at your album cover as well!

    Thank you again, soooo much guys! I shall await to buy this album as soon as it is released! Take care guys and I will always continue to admire your amazing talents!

    Greetings from Puerto Rico! ^- ^


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