It’s with mixed emotions that we announce this news: Marc Mas, Persefone’s drummer for the last seven years, leaves the band on good terms. After 4 tours, 2 albums, and countless moments full of music and passion, Marc has decided to step aside from the band in order to start looking for new challenges in his personal and musical life.

Within the band we can only thank him for all the hard work, good moments and friendship, and wish him all the best in his future endeavoursimage


  1. Such a loss :/, amazing drumer, but it happens.

    Good Luck on the new drumer.

    You guys will always be the best band I’ve ever heard.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  2. This is sad news, I just discovered you guys and the new cd blew my mind!!! I was an insane shredder in the late 80s and retired in 1993 but this cd made me pick up my guitar again!!!! \m/

  3. Such a shame, but good luck for the future.

  4. I opened Persefone for myself a month ago, and It is sad to see that Persefone lost a piece of it. But I am sure that such an amazing, titanic music-makers will prosper.
    I heard a lot of metal, I had my favourites – but when I discovered you, guys, my entire world changed.
    With such lyrics and progressive rhythms, you bring the peace in my soul.
    Continue your spiritual migration, everyone of us.
    Thank you all for that.

  5. Also I have to thank you for opening spiritual migration for myself :) I found your lyric ideas are very close to mine, and they are like lost puzzle piece which I finally found. Hope to see you live whenever.
    The path was never ended.
    I feel gratitude and peace.

  6. Wow I found Spiritual Migration about a month ago and haven’t been able to put it down. I’m a drummer and, while I’m no expert, I think he has excellent taste and skill, shame that he’s leaving but he contributed so much! Excited to hear more in the future!

  7. Hi guys,
    I sincerelly regret that Marc leaves the band but I am sure you will find a replacement with the same sort of good spirits and rythm!
    keep it up and stay on the same sort of inspirational path, you created your own kind of music that no other band can match up! hope to see @ the Angry Fest in November!

  8. Some people stay for a season, a reason or a meaning… Such a great awesome band, I’m sure with your pedigree you’ll find a replacement. The memories of course will stay with you.
    Good luck…

  9. Todavía no consideran el visitar la gran CD. De México, sería un placer el poder tener el gusto de escucharlos en vivo, les garantizo que a toda la banda mexicana. Ojalá sea pronto.

    • Hola Victor!
      Siempre tenemos en mente visitar México. Recientemente hemos abierto una página de Facebook “Club de Fans de México”. Potenciar esa página implicaría potenciar las posibilidades de que Persefone visite México.

      Gracias por tu comentario!


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