Truth Inside the shades
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January 07, 2004


Truth Inside the Shades

  • 1. My Unwithered Shrine
  • 2. The Whisper of Men
  • 3. Truth Inside the Shades
  • 4. Niflheim (The Eyes that Hold the Edge)
  • 5. Atemporal Divinity
  • 6. The Demise of Oblivion
  • 7. The Haunting of Human's Denial - Bonus Track Japan Exclusive

Additional info
  • Released on 2004 through Soundholic Records (Japan), CD Maximum (Russia), Adipocere (Rest Of World)
  • Released on 2010 through Core Music (Worldwide - rerelease)
  • Recorded and mixed by Aleix Dorca at Orion Studios
  • Produced by Aleix Dorca and Persefone
  • Mastered by Peter In De Betou for Tailor Maid Production
  • Artwork and booklet design by Daniel Gil
  • Photographs by Ferrasta

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