Spiritual Migration
release date:

March 29, 2013


Spiritual Migration

  • 1. Flying Sea Dragons
  • 2. Mind As Universe
  • 3. The Great Reality
  • 4. Zazen Meditation
  • 5. The Majestic of Gaia
  • 6. Consciousness (pt.1), Sitting in silence
  • 7. Consciousness (pt. 2), A Path to Enlightenment
  • 8. Inner Fullness
  • 9. Metta Meditation
  • 10. Upward Explosion
  • 11. Spiritual Migration
  • 12. Returning to the Source
  • 13. Outro

Additional info
  • Released on 2013 through Vicisolum Records
  • Produced and recorded by Carlos Lozano, Moe Espinosa and Marc Mas
  • Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, Hansen Studios, Denmark
  • Artwork design by Travis Smith


  1. Molt bona feina cabrons, em fascina i em dóna gust que un país petit de mida com Andorra, li doni al món una gran banda com aquesta, fins i tot de les millors del death metal progressiu, la millor que he escoltat d’Europa almenys, salutacions de Mèxic, segueixin així \m/

  2. Wonderful songs guys. I’m very amazed by the sound you make, and also great lyrics. You’ve just got a new fan. Long life for the band!

  3. Excellent Musicianship! Keep Up The Good Work.

  4. The best metal album i have ever heard. The beautiful and complex melodies and deep meaningful lyrics are more than just music they are art and philosophy brought to life.

  5. This is a masterpiece! Incredible! Can’t stop listening to it (for over 2 years now). Hope to see you guys live some day.

  6. You have to hear this if it is the last thing you do on this earth.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Insane. Colossal. Sublime. Supreme. Majestic.

    This is the pinnacle of the art form. The apex. The Everest.

    Life changing, inspirational, uplifting, shattering.

    This renders all that has come before obsolete.

    Smashed, obliterated, deposed, dethroned.

    I want more. More. MORE.

    Thank you for enriching my existence, for inspiring me to be more than what I am, for fuelling the next stage of my personal evolution, for giving me the strength to strive for something better.

    After 45 seconds of Flying Sea Dragons I was hooked. Enthralled. Subjugated. Flabbergasted. Bewildered. Astonished.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Think… Feel… Be… Connect.

  7. This album is a masterful work of art.

  8. Guys.. We (my brother and I) Hail all the way from Namibia in Southern Africa and are officially true fans to the true Musicality you produce. \m/ keep on keeping on. We love your Art.

  9. Possibly my favorite album, I listened to it almost exclusively for a full year. The combination of spiritual lyrics, album art/concept and skilled musicianship –or I may just have OCD. Either way, I loved the ol’ migration and look forward to the next work of art!

  10. Esta es una obra maestra, tal ves el mejor álbum de metal del año 2013 sin duda, aquí hay propuesta y sonido único (sonido propio) Persefone ha marcado una identidad unica desde el Core (Excelente álbum por cierto) pero sin duda alguna Shin Ken fue para mi gusto el mejor álbum de la banda hasta aquel entonces… sin duda de lo mejor del 2009.

    Estoy maravillado con este trabajo… ahora opino que este es el mejor álbum de la banda por varias razones …. desde que lo conocí por primera ves no he dejado de escucharlo y admirarlo.
    Majestuosos Trabajo.

    P.D. Admiro la voz limpia y los teclados de Miguel Espinoza


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