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PERSEFONE releases new video “Living Waves”!

The progressive metal monster a.k.a. Persefone is releasing “Living Waves”, the second video from their highly-acclaimed 5th album “Aathma” which was released worldwide on February 24th. The song features a very special guest appearance from the legendary Paul Masvidal (Cynic, ex Death).

Carlos Lozano’s own words about “Living Waves”:
“Picking one song from an album that works as a whole, is always a complicated task. “Living Waves” marks the middle point, musically as well as lyrically on the album before its conclusion, and with the addition of Paul Masvidal’s vocals, lyrics and guitar playing, it creates a unique atmosphere by itself. That’s why we chose this piece of music and this message, to go along the images with this clip”

Aathma European Tour 2017
Special Guest: Poem
07.04, 2017 Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain w. Poem
08.04,, 2017 Changó, Madrid, Spain w. Poem
09.04 2017 Garaje, Murcia, Spain w. Poem
11.04, 2017 Barrio’s Cafe, Milan, Italy w. Poem
12.04, 017 Backstage, Munich, Germany w. Poem
13.04, 2017 Z-7, Pratteln, Switzerland w. Poem
14.04, 2017 La Boule Noire, Paris, France w. Poem and Daturha
15.04, 2017 La Ferrailleur, Nantes, France w. Poem
16.04, 2017 Underworld Camden, London, UK w. Poem
17.04, 2017 Turock, Essen, Germany w. Poem and Samsara Circle
18.04, 2017 Podium Duycker, Hoofddorp, Holland w. Poem
19.04, 2017 Merleyn, Nijmegen, Holland w. Poem
20.04, 2017 Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany w. Poem
21.04, 2017 Forbraendingen, Copenhagen, Denmark w. Poem
22.04, 2017 Kraken, Stockholm, Sweden w. Poem and Loch Vostok

Festivals 2017:
11.07 – 2017 Techfest, UK
07.23-29.2017 Metal Days, Slovenia

Persefone line-up:
Marc Martins: Vocals
Carlos Lozano: Guitars
Miguel Espinosa: Keyboards & Vocals
Tony Mestre: Bass
Sergi Verdeguer: Drums
Filipe Baldaia: Guitars

Persefone Discography:
2004 – Truth Inside The Shades
2006 – Core
2009 – Shin-Ken
2013 – Spiritual Migration
2017 – Aathma

Persefone online:

Persefone has previously released the first (animated) video “Prison Skin” from the new album. You can watch the video here:
Both the video for “Living Waves” and “Prison Skin” were completed with help from SDADV.

A more or less united press corps have taken the album to heart:
ALBUM OF THE MONTH in Aardshok (NL) 87/100
Sweden Rock (SE) 9/10
Legacy (DE) 14/15
Close-Up (SE) 8/10
Rock Hard (DE) 8.5/10
Metal Hammer (DE) 6/7
Metal Temple 10/10
Progressive Music Planet 9/10
Metal Discovery 10/10
Amped-Up 8.5/10
Deaf Forever (DE) 7/10
Metal Wave 89/100
Rebel Noise 5/5
Much Metal 9.8/10
Metalized (DK) 8/10
Lords of Metal 92/100
It Djents 10/10
The Prog Mind 9.5/10 (IT) 10/10
Pavillon666 (FR) 9.5/10
Deadrhetoric (US) 9.5/10
Seaoftranquility (US) 4.5/5
Musicwaves (FR) 5/5

Persefone’s previous masterpiece “Spiritual Migration” has reached an astonishing 1.37 million views on Youtube. A completely unheard of achievement for a band on an independent label. Predictions are that “Aathma” will reach even further….


LIVING WAVES – OFFICIAL VIDEO (featuring Paul Masvidal)