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Bad news…

We have had to cancel our appearance at ProgPower USA next September…

We have been a year preparing the show. The set is ready, all what is required economically to go to US is ready, but there’s only once thing missing: the visa confirmation numbers we require to make some interviews at the US Embassy in Madrid and get the visas to play in the USA. The USCIS is running 4-6 weeks behind the normal schedule assuming there is no RFE (request for evidence) and as a consequence those numbers haven’t arrived yet.

On June, we jumped in the European tour about to happen in less than 15 days. We assumed for that time that all the visa process would be done. Unluckily, things aren’t like that and we haven’t received the numbers yet, so we still need to do the interviews. It’s obvious that during the tour, we can’t make them, and once we come back we may have some days in September.

The thing that prevents us of doing the interviews for that time is the fact that we have regular jobs. None of us live of Persefone, and as a consequence, every time we go on tour or a festival, we are asking for holidays. After doing the tour, and having asked for days to go to US, we simply can’t get more days to go and do the interviews (Madrid is 600 kms away from Andorra). At no point we can put in risk our jobs, when nobody can assure us that we will have received the confirmation numbers by then, and all the visa process will be done on time, cause even if we do the interviews on September, we still have to receive the visas in hand in Andorra, that it’s another country… For a band like Persefone, that we handle things by our own, we simply cannot handle this in so little time.

Of course, all these are technical issues that might happen to any band, and doesn’t avoid the fact that Persefone won’t be at ProgPower this year. Every person that knows us, know that we have been dreaming of this for years, we have spent a year preparing Bobby, our new drummer, to get the show to the next level, with great expectations and illusion for this show and at this point and we feel devastated for what have happened, as it’s really out of our hands. We have lost a lot of energy, money and we feel just really frustrated about the situation.

We are sorry about this.

We are still working hard to get in the USA in the future.

Thanks to Glenn and all the Intromental crew for trying their best to make us go to this awesome festival. For every person that attends the festival, we are sure that it will be an spectacular festival. Please support the promoter in this situation as he is also a victim.

Official Statement from the promoter: