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Persefone participarà al festival ENCAMP ROCK! el proper 5 de Abril en Andorra! Els beneficis del festival es destinaran a finalitats benèfiques! Les entrades estaran disponibles a o bé al Punt d’Informació Juvenil d’Encamp a partir de dijous 20 de març. El preu és de  8 euros per als dos dies. L’edat mínima és de 16 anys.

Persefone participará en el festival ENCAMP ROCK! el próximo 5 de Abril en Andorra! Los beneficios del festival se destinarán para actividades benéficas! Las entradas estarán disponibles a o en el Punt d’Informació Juvenil d’Encamp a partir del jueves 20 de Marzo. El precio es de 8€ para los dos días. La edad mínima es 16 años.

Persefone will play at ENCAMP ROCK! Fest next April 5th! All benefits will be donated for charitable activities! The tickets are available at or at Punt d’Informació Juvenil d’Encamp from Thursday March, 20th. Price for both days is 8€. Age limit: 16 years old.

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Core HiResPersefone will re-release their classic masterpice ”Core” world wide on April 18th. The album has been sold out for years and many fans have requested that the band would re-release it.

The new release, which also includes a very exclusive bonus track, has been remixed by Pere Revert (producer directly involved in the creation of both “Shin-ken” and “Spiritual Migration”). And ”Core” strikes back with even more power, bigger production, better sound and Annica von Holdt’s artwork revisited by world renowned cover artist Travis Smith.

Back in 2005 Persefone got in the studio to start working on what was to become the biggest production ever, in the history of the band for that time and one of the most acclaimed album for media and fans.

The idea was simple: Telling the story of the goddess Persephone, who gives name to the band, in three long epic songs from the point of view of every main character in the story: Demeter (mother of Persephone), Hades (god of the Underworld) and Persephone herself.

A long epic story with memorable solos, harmonies, complex rhythms and beautiful melodies in 70 minutes of non-stop music.

In 2006 the album was released by the very small Greek label Burning Star Records, but the lack of promotion was evident, and the lack of courage to promote such an intriguing project, left the album forgotten to the public eye (in spite of the great media response).

In 2013, when ViciSolum Records released the fourth Persefone album, “Spiritual Migration”, the label director heard the album and immediately had the idea to re-release it, this time, giving the album the promotion effort, it so strongly deserves.




1. ACT I : Goddess’ Wrath

2. ACT II: Light’s Memories

3. ACT III: Exiled to the Void

4. ACT IV: To Face the Truth


5. ACT I : Clash of the Titans

6. ACT II: Dark Thoughts from a Dark Heart

7. ACT III: When the Earth Breaks

8. ACT IV: Released


9. ACT I: A Ray of Hope

10. ACT II: Self Betraying

11. ACT III: Doubts are Seed

12. ACT IV: Dark Inner Transition

13. ACT V: The End

14. Star Wars medley (Bonus track)

Pre-listen to the track ”Sanctuary Act III: Exiled to the Void


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