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This is the solo that Carlos has prepared for the Toontrack Guitar Contest! For some reasons, we missed the deadline and we are not participating the contest… :( Anyway, we want you to be able to check it :) Hope you like it! :D


“I have no words to describe the way I feel about all the love and support I have felt this last days with all the messages I’ve been receiving. I feel full of gratitude and, even when my condition hasn’t been the worst thing in the world, It’s been quite hard for me to overcome this situation.  I’m not feeling 100% yet at this point, but my vision is quite ok again, I can sit down and even write a little, and I feel the passion to pick up the guitar as soon as possible and play it LOUD again!!

Thanks to every of you out there, and specially thank you and all the gratitude in the world to my wonderful girlfriend Betlem for taking care of me for every second, I owe you everything and I love you.

Rock on everybody and try hard to be healthy guys!!  :) “

Persefone to play at PPM Fest 2014 in Belgium!!

Persefone has been confirmed at PPM Fest next year! The festival will be on during the third weekend of April! We wait for your there!!